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It is a pleasure to attest to the professional and personal qualities of Dr. Eham Arora who is committed to the performance and training in minimal access surgery where he has good experience and achieved commendable mastery. Being a careful clinician, he has at all times ensured the well-being and safety of all patients in his charge. 

- Professor T E Udwadia 

An absolutely amazing doctor with proper guidance and a very smooth procedure.

- Anushka Makkar

Dr. Eham Arora is a thorough professional and one of the best in minimally invasive abdominal surgeries. Excellent Communication skills and a great rapport with his patients. I would highly recommend him.

- S. Gala


About Dr. Eham Arora

I am a General Surgeon in Mumbai with a keen interest in minimal access surgery for gastro-intestinal disorders like GERD, gallstones, biliary disease, intestinal strictures and malignancy. My background in flexible endoscopy for these conditions further strengthens my management of these conditions. 

My niche area of expertise lies in complex hernia repairs. Patients with large or irreducible abdominal or groin hernias are offered state-of-the-art repairs aimed to minimize the risk of recurrence while maximizing their post-operative comfort.  I offer a wide array of procedures, both open and laparoscopic, for complex hernias. The choice of surgery and prostheses is always tailored to the patients' needs. 

Beyond surgical practice, I have a passion for teaching which leads me to travel across the country to lecture and train my surgical colleagues. 

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