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As a licensed professional Surgeon, I aim to offer adequate medical services in order to meet my patients’ needs. I’m highly committed to offering high quality care to the community. It has taken me years of hard work to get where I am today, to the point where I can say your health is in good hands.

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Abdominal Hernias

A hernia is an abnormal protrusion of abdominal contents which can cause pain and usually enlarges with time.

Hernias can occur at sites of previous surgeries and often need a repair to avoid complications.



Acidity and reflux are becoming all too common with modern lifestyles and there is often a treatable cause. 

Endoscopy allows us to directly inspect the affected organs, check for hiatal disease and undiagnosed infections. 


Abdominal Pain

Don't let abdominal pain go undiagnosed, especially when it has been troubling you since long. 

A surgeon is often the best specialist to help with abdominal discomfort. 



Don't let acidity slow you down. 
With a vast experience in upper gastro-intestinal discomfort, you can

rest assured that you'll be treated well. 



Some patients are genetically prone to develop stones either in the gall bladder or in the bile ducts. This can

also happen following an infection. 
Gall stone disease can lead to troubling infections that need surgery.


Groin (Inguinal) Hernias 

More common in men, hernias in the groin can cause troublesome discomfort, particularly while moving

about. Most patients benefit from a laparoscopic repair of these hernias where recovery time is usually a day. 



Whether acute or chronic, pancreatitis can severely affect a patient's quality of life. Correctly choosing and timing 

the interventions is extremely important to not miss the therapeutic window and prevent further progression.


Colo-Rectal Disease

The incidence of colo-rectal disease in our country is gradually rising. Be it diverticulitis or even malignancy, 

timely intervention improves the likelihood of a complete cure. 

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Perianal disease

Fissures, fistulas and hemorrhoids are painful conditions and have a high chance of recurrence when managed 

casually. Minimally invasive surgery often has the best chance of success with an early return to routine life.  

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